What is Military Diet ? – Lose Weight in Just 3 Days

Military diet is considered as one of the smartest ways to lose up to 10 pounds of body fat in a week. The user even need not do hard and strenuous exercises and could still lose the required amounts of fat. The 3 Day Diet is absolutely free of cost and is probably cheaper than most other diets.

The contents of this 3-day diet plan are made to improve the metabolism, burn fat and finally lose weight in a very less amount of time. This diet is considered to be one of the best natural diets that can be consumed without a prescription to lose enormous amounts of weight.

The 3-day diet is beneficial for those who want to see themselves in a perfect shape. The 3-day military diet is composed of low calorie and chemically compatible foods that can mix together and make the user loose an enormous quantity of fat.

militaryThe diet is to be followed only 3 days in a week and the rest four days the user can return to his original diet. Thereby, it doesn’t slow down the metabolic rates. For this diet to work properly, the user must follow the instructions thoroughly and whole-heartedly. It is not for those who cannot cut their diet and aren’t serious about losing some weight. It makes a user lose about 10 pounds of body weight in a week and so requires a lot of sacrifice from him. It is suitable for situations that require quick and fast action. For example, if the user has a wedding function and wants to fit back into his wedding suit or he wants to lay a good impression on his ex who is coming to visit after a long time.

The military diet is a sure way of getting rid of massive amounts of body fat and yes, the user can lose at least 30 pounds in a month. It’s not like the other expensive diet plans that falsely claim of ridding the body fat in quick time. All that it says is very true and is sure to work every time on everybody. It is our sincere advice to all users that they do not spend more of their hard earned money on useless Dieting Plans. This is sure to work and moreover is absolutely free of charge.

The originality of the 3-day diet is not known. Some people even believe that such a diet was pretty common during the 1980’s and it was transferred from one person to another. The 3-day diet is known by many names such as Army diet, Navy Diet, Fax diet, Cleveland Clinic Diet and many others. But, the most common term used to denote such a diet is the 3-day diet. No one or no organization has until now claimed responsibility of creating the 3-day diet plan. Even the organizations that recommend this plan such as British Heart Foundation or Cleveland Clinic do not claim to have manufactured the 3-day diet plan.

The most commonly available 3-day diet plan on the Internet includes consuming a huge quantity of tuna every day along with a decent amount of veggies and vanilla ice-cream in the evening. This is most commonly found on the site 3daydiets.net but even they do not claim to have manufactured the diet.

The typical 3-day diet plan is very tough to follow and allows for very few calories to be consumed in the 3 “on” days. Here’s a sample of a typical 3-day diet plan as given by 3daydiets.net:

Day 1


  • Black Tea or  you can have a cup of Coffee,
  • 1 Toast with 2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter
  • ½ a Grapefruit.

day1 breakfast


  • ½ cup of tuna,
  • 1 toast,
  • black tea or coffee.

day1 lunch


  • 1 cup green beans,
  • 3 ounces of lean meat,
  • Some carrots,
  • One apple,
  • One cup of vanilla ice-cream.

day 1 dinner

Day 2


  • 1 Egg, ½ Banana,
  • 1 Slice Toast,
  • Black Tea or Coffee.

day2 breakfast


  • One cup of cottage cheese,
  • six crackers

day2 lunch


  • Two hot dogs,
  • ½ cup carrots,
  • 1 cup broccoli,
  • ½ banana,
  • ½ a  cup vanilla ice-cream.

day2 dinner 1

Day 3


  • One Apple,
  • One ounce of cheddar cheese,
  • Five  Saltine Brand Crackers,
  • black tea or you can have a cup of coffee

day3 breakfast


  • One hard-boiled egg,
  • A slice of toast,
  • Black tea or coffee (optional)

day3 lunch


  • 1cup of tuna,
  • A cup of carrot
  • A cup of Cauliflower,
  • A cup melon,
  • ½ a cup of vanilla ice-cream.

day3 dinner

It is strongly recommended to drink as much water as possible during the 3-day diet. Water is a key part of this diet plan. Users should try to take as much as 2 liters of water in a day.

Does this Diet Work?

This diet was originally made by expert nutritionists in the US army to keep their soldiers in perfect shapes. However, this is not the only reason why it works. These are some other main reasons why this Diet Plan is very effective and can be followed by all who need to lose weight very fast.

  1. The military diet is much low on calories – It gives a user only One Thousand calories in a day and allows to only consume many low calories than he burns and in this way there is very less chance that a person does not burn calories.
  2. It is the second form of Sporadic fasting – If a user is taking less than One Thousand calories in a day then he is fasting. And unlike the general misconception, fasting is a healthy and a more beneficial way of shedding weight naturally. Fasting also does not make the metabolism decrease. In fact, fasting improves the metabolism of a person if it is done in a proper way.
  3. The foods involved in the diet enhance the fat burning mechanism – Caffeine that is found in coffee raises the metabolism levels and helps to lose weight. Grapefruit is also a great fat burner that is also found in this diet plan. Some other useful foods such as peanut butter, tuna, and some other meats are involved in this diet that requires more energy from the body to digest and thus burns more fat. The cottage cheese and ice-cream that is also included in the plan are a fine source of calcium and help the cells burn more fat. Apples are a great source of pectin that limits the amount of fat that can be absorbed into the cells. Veggies in the  diet are in good quantities and are low in calories and carbs are included in minimum proportions.


Since the  plan is a three day on and four days off dieting plan thereby, there are many advantages associated with the plan. These are some of them:

  • The plan provides very few calories to the user per day and is a severe form of dieting. Thus, it makes the user lose enormous quantities of fat per week.
  • It doesn’t make any significant changes to the food patterns of the user and does not even require hard physical activity. The fat that would be reduced from the body would be in the form of lost water.
  • All the diets prescribed by a military diet are easy to prepare and doesn’t take much time to eat as well.
  • The ingredients of the diet are easily available and are not expensive at all.
  • The foods in the diet are sufficient in nutrition and do not require calorie counting or supplements.


The military diet regime is a quick but extremely difficult diet plan to follow. Some of the other disadvantages of this diet plan are as given below:

  • The 3-day diet plan does not even provide the minimum calories (1200 for women and 1800 for men) required as prescribed.
  • The 3-day diet plan is so tough and harsh to the user that if followed for a long time it may lead to organ damage and significantly weaken the immune system.
  • This diet plan is not a usual way of losing body fat as it does not require any exercising or even give a stable diet to the user.


The military diet is meant for only those people who wish to shed off some fat very rapidly for some reason or another. It is, therefore, clear that, since the diet does not even provide the minimum amounts of calories required by a human being it is sure to lose fat. It, in fact, fits the diet recommendations of WHO and UK and therefore is safe to try too. The 3-day diet includes some of the healthiest foods that can be consumed and those are readily available as well.

What makes this 3-day diet unique is that it is absolutely free of cost and the foods it prescribes are also very cheap. The Benefits of Foods like vegetables, caffeine, tuna and other meats are known to all of us and users need not buy and consume any other food except the ones as prescribed. In our view, losing that stubborn fat from the body is more necessary than enjoying great full meals and regretting afterward. After all, it’s a matter of health.

6 thoughts on “What is Military Diet ? – Lose Weight in Just 3 Days

  1. Weight Loss is something which is not achieved easily. But after implementing the military diet tips in my life brings the new twist in my Life. Yes, It worked for me. I shed around 7-8 lbs just in a week.

  2. I am a coffee lover. I can’t image my life without coffee. Can I take Coffee while following military diet?

    1. Hello Katrina,

      I can understand your love for coffee. You can’t take coffee while following military diet but you can take “black coffee”. It contains less than 5 calories per cup.
      All the best!!

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